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Teaching Children to Give, Share and Care

Summer is coming to an end and the children are back in school.  As a teacher, I wanted to start the new year with teaching my students about giving and charity in a fun learning environment, so we discovered a site called

This is a site where you can feed your mind and feed the hungry at the same time.  Every time you click on the correct definition of a word, the sponsors donate grains of rice through the World Food Program.

This is one of most ingenious creations that combines education, entertainment, and a way to change the world.

Be sure to come back, tell your friends, and click regularly!

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,

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Click to Donate

I love this concept of clicking to give to charity, without coming out of your pocket.  After careful investigation, these sites really work. My zodiac sign is Leo and my pet cat is named Snowflake, so its no surprise that one of my favorite sites is “Click to Protect the Big Cats” from an organization called “Care 2 Make a Difference”.

Every time you click this site, money is donated by various sponsors, and goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society to save the tigers, jaguars and snow leopards.

Feel free to come back and click everyday and tell your friends to the same.

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,

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