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Rachael’s Auntie Is Bald-Headed

How do you approach tough, sensitive topics with your children?  Do you ever wonder how they would handle illness or divorce?  How about the topic of “breast cancer”?  We met a young lady named Amber, who had the same questions, but decided to tackle those tough subjects by writing.

Her first published work titled “Rachel’s Auntie is Bald-Headed“is on Amazon. This is the first book of a series that is designed to gently familiarize children with issues that require healing for their minds and hearts. It is about a 9 year old girl who discovers that her favorite aunt is bald-headed, as a result of Cancer.

She struggles with the fears of teasing, thinking Cancer is contagious, and wondering how to fix it, all during Thanksgiving weekend.

Readers may identify with Rachael’s fears or gain sensitivity for others who may have this experience. The book has an open ending to encourage each reader to develop his/her own conclusion. At the end of the story are a vocabulary list, creative writing assignments, and opportunities to promote the support of a charity, community service, or other selfless activities relating to the story.

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,

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The Heart of Charity

Valentine’s Day has been a time for expressing love by giving flowers, candy, cards, teddy bears, and other special gifts, but Operation: Love ReUnited is an organization that expresses love, by giving captured images to deploying military families, remembering their times together, while being miles apart.

OpLove was started by Tonee Lawrence, a military wife who wanted pictures taken when her husband returned from the Air Force, but had very little resources.  Now she has thousands of volunteer photographers in various states, who will donate their talent, time, and heart for the troops.

One photographer said it best… “The last thing on your mind when your wife or husband arrives home after a 4 to 18 month tour, is capturing all this love — on film. Most people are so overwhelmed with emotions they forget to simply point and shoot the camera they are grasping of their child’s first hug, or that single tear of relief from a mother being able to hold her twenty year old son again. With the help of Operation: Love ReUnited and local photographers near your base, you can”.

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,

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Holiday Cards That Give

Many of us get holiday cards that we look at, admire, then throw away every year. So we decided to find some card companies that donate to charity, while spreading some holiday cheer. features more that 100 charitable organizations that sell greeting cards, that help fund their causes. features gift cards that you can personalize with pictures and messages.  The charities are listed on the site for the recipient to choose who they want to give to. was a close and personal choice because they feature animated, musical e-cards which, Fidelity Investments gives $1 to buy new musical instruments for public schools in 14 cities.  Philadelphia will be included in 2011 and my school students and staff sent over 500 e-cards to family and friends.

These are just a few of the many resources available for “converting a gift-of-stuff to a gift-of-good”.

Enjoy Your Holiday Celebrations.

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,

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