Amazon has over 2,307 books on “branding,” but none of them offer what you’ll find in “Defying Gravity and Rising Above the Noise“, by David Brier.

It gives you the WHY and HOW great branding works, with over 100 visual examples showing how David’s 8 principles of branding are used.

The book also illustrates a few brands we are familiar with, and how they distinguish between the “what they make” and “what consumers buy”.

For example, Nike sells sneakers and sportswear, but what people buy is the hope and tools for better athletic performance.

Chanel No. 5 sells fragrance, but what people buy is the feeling and smelling attractive.  Do you see what’s happening here?  Now they really stand out way above the rest.  It gives you simple to understand language and examples so you can apply these principles to your business.

And while you usually can’t judge a book by its cover, this just may be the exception.  Take a minute, relax and browse the pages from the link above to get the full experience.

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,