Learn What it Takes to Succeed in Your Business


When you decide to start to start your own business, it is imperative to learn what action steps you must take to be successful.  There are things you should do every day, routines, that will help you earn the money you need, and get you closer to your income goals. Learn those Income Producing Activities (IPA’s).

Sometimes you have to work backwards, if the first goal is to earn $500.00 each month, what does that look like? If you are selling items on Ebay or Amazon, you can have 100 items to sell at 10.00 profit, thats $1000.00 in sales, if your ROI is at least 60%, you have your $500 earned.

We know in Ecommerce, you have to learn how to research profitable items to sell.  That’s why training is Key.  You have to take the time, focus and stay the course. Keep in mind why you made the decision to start a business in the first place. It won’t be an easy ride, but it will definitely be worth it.




The Q4 Expo is Coming to Baltimore MD in June


eCommerce is a real work from home solution and Quarter four is the most profitable time of year for eCommerce Business Owners. The Q4 Expo is the only training event in existence that gives you tips and strategies to help you experience Massive Profits September thru January, and beyond.  You get action driven content that you can implement immediately.

Click to watch this video by my sponsor, sharing ten reasons you should attend the Q4 Expo in Baltimore or order the Q4 Expo Recording Ticket. Grab an event or recording ticket at www.Q4Expo.com.  After the results I got from attending the last conference, you best believe I will be there to meet you too!


Embracing The Spirit of Giving,

Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results


After attending a business conference in Houston Texas, with my team of Entrepreneurs, I bought a new photo booth.  I wanted to improve my images for my Amazon products, and this is the results. I love product photography and now I can tweak my skills and improve my business at the same time.

Embracing The Spirit of Giving,