Children’s International, along with Visa, created the Click for a Cause Program, where people can click to donate books to needy children.  This concept came out of the Lift One community, which focuses on child sponsorship of impoverished countries.

This summer I sponsored two children from Zambia, two sisters, whom I plan to visit next year. It’s a great feeling to know that my contributions are helping with their nutrition, school supplies, health and dental visits, and family support.

This organization now has their own publication called Journeys, which features some great stories from children and their families, expressing their gratitude for so much support.

Now I’m a contributing member of the Lift One community, with my own page to share with my friends and family, so take a few minutes and Click for a Cause to help provide books for these children.

Be sure to come back, tell your friends, and click regularly!

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,