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I Found The Tool to Fuel My Passion



This is it! My first product on Amazon.

I found an E-commerce training system that has given me the tools needed, to turn this idea into an actual product.

As a photographer, my customers were always looking for ways to display their pictures, and share with family and friends.  I remember getting a calendar from the cleaners every year, with these beautiful pictures, so I thought it would make a great gift for people to personalize the calendar with their own pictures. Voila!

This is still a work in progress, but its a start, it sells and it updates each year.  To go a step further, we donated a portion of sales for the Breast Cancer Walk.  It was so rewarding that something so small could make such an impact.

This training system has been a tool to make my dream come true.

I know there are women out there who have hidden talents, skills and ideas that you want to share with the world, but don’t know where to start.  This is why I’m sharing this journey.  If thats you, leave a comment and grab the free ebook.



Embracing The Spirit of Giving,

6 Step Process to Pursuing Your Passion


Now that I am retired at 55, I want to take some time with my family, go on a nice vacation, and come back to create my own business.  I want to share this journey, so I can help other women, just like me.

There are so many of us, who are retired, with skills, dreams and talents, but we don’t know what the first step should be. Figuring out how to bring these ideas to the surface, then turning this idea into a business, and making it profitable.

For me, I would love to work from home and use my photography skills in that business.  So I did my research and found this ebook on Pursuing Your Passion.  I liked it so much, I bought the rights to share this ebook with you.


It gives 6 Steps in Pursuing Your Passion:

1. Find Your Passion

2. Find Your Passion’s Skill Set

3. Monetize Your Passion

4. Productize Your Passion

5. Scale Your Passion

6. Live Your Passion with Intention


Of course, I want you to grab the free ebook for the details.

I used it myself to create a visual process for a product idea that I got in college.  Now I can turn this idea into an actual product and grow into a profitable business.

Come with me as I document this journey, you might start a journey of your own.


Embracing The Spirit of Giving,

The Value of Social Conversations

As a photographer, the last thing on my list was social media marketing like blogging, Twitter, niche communities, Facebook.  To be honest, open exchange with people on the web can be a scary thing.  The biggest challenge for me… where and how do I begin.

I started in 2008 with a social community called ApSense.  Adding friends, posting comments, sharing programs, staying in touch,  were just a few of the beginning steps.  I learned about social etiquette, engaging in conversation, listening and being appreciative.

By building my presence there, sharing my passion, staying connected, now three years later, I’m finally coming from behind the camera, to learn more about Twitter, blogging, Facebook, and social conversations.  Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to the Empowered Tribe.

Seth Godin wrote a book called “Tribes” which talked about a group of people who are lead by a connection and a supportive forum for growth, and that’s exactly what I have, with the wonderful members of Empowered Tribe. This is truly changing the way I’m doing business on the Net.  First impressions, niche mentorship, business planning, marketing yourself, are just a few of the golden nuggets of information, that I have picked up in this process.  Helping you perfect your craft is their ultimate goal.

I have some great connects, that have turned into friends and a few are now clients, all because of social conversations; now that’s valuable marketing that matters.

Embracing the Spirit of Giving,

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