metooHello and Welcome, my name is Selya Rollins, and I love my family, photography, and shopping.

I’m a married mother of two children, who have their own children. Yes, I’m a happy, cool grand mom.

I like to relax with my MacBook and cup of coffee.

After college, I wanted to be my own boss…I sold toys, Tupperware, long distance services, and coffee.

I went to meetings, wrote on napkins, traveled to conventions, and hackled my friends.

After participating in “MLM Junkies Anonymous” I decided to open my own day care center, did that

for 10 years.

Forward 20 years later, I am a retired computer teacher, who found a way in 2015, to turn my passion of

shopping and taking pictures into profit.  I needed a way to supplement my income so I could stay home and

take care of my parents.  So I got involved with selling on Amazon and Ebay and I’m staying because it works!

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